My journey began in the fashion world in NYC. While I loved the smell of fresh bagels in the morning and the sound of the tape being torn right before the runway show at the Lincoln center started standing in a pit of 80 photographers from around the world anticipating that one shot. The thrill was amazing, but my real love came in Weddings and capturing all those raw moments.

I'm from Texas but raised in Virginia. Above all, I am a mom and animal lover. When I'm not chasing after my son Remy and trying to stay hip in the eyes of a teen, I am creating images. I love music and I enjoy a great cup of coffee. 


My photography style is a mix between documentary and lifestyle my years in the fashion world helped set my style I have today.

I adore capturing the little moments, candids, and spontaneous photos of people and life. I know it’s not always easy to channel your inner Zoolander pose but I can certainly direct a bride and groom or even wedding party to look magazine worthy for sure!

It has been quite a journey raising this business, but I wouldn't trade it for a thing. I can truly say I love what I do. I love my clients and the friendships that blossom. 

Allie shares a love for weddings and is a natural when it comes to photography which makes her my dream team! When she isn't assisting me or my associates with details, you will find her helping out a bride with her veil, flowers, fixing necklaces, putting on boutineers on the groomsmen, and assisting with those family photos to make sure we stay on track. She has gone beyond her normal duties to lend a helping hand to a wedding coordinator when needed. When she isn't busy assisting me at weddings Allie attends school full time at the University of Maryland in the Robert H Smith school of Business.

Allie has been the support behind the scenes with Vness Photography!


It's not just me:

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